Summer 2017 Anime Recommendation List

Summer 2017 notable shows

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*As of July 16, 2017*

*Anime shorts not included*

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Lifestyle Section: Social Justice and the Toxicity of Fandoms

        In our society today, communication has become an integral part of
everyday life. In the advent of social networks and advanced technology, we
find ourselves closer to people from all over the world. Gone are the times
when relations are heavily limited by your geographical location, as we
usher in a new age of communicating.

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Lifestyle Section: 3D Printing

Advancement is the name of the game in the world’s current technological boom. From smartphones to virtual reality headsets, the scientific community has been inventing things left and right to ease the lives of the common man (and for major profit of course). Of the recent breakthroughs in technology, one eye-catching invention that has been making its rounds on social media for the past few years is 3D printing. Continue reading

Hotarubi no Mori e Anime Movie Review

Hotarubi 1

For some reason I felt like watching anime movies more than finished anime series recently. So without further ado here is another review on a movie I really liked Hotarubi no Mori e (Into The Forest of Fireflies’ Light).

Story: 9/10 – Excellent

When Hotaru Takegawa was a young girl, she got lost in a forest inhabited by spirits. During that time she was helped by a young spirit boy named Gin. She was told that Gin wasn’t allowed to touch humans, for if he touches a human he would disappear. After Gin guided the young Hotaru out of the forest they decided to see each other everyday that summer. Soon after, they promised to see each other every summer when Hotaru was on summer break. Continue reading